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Frithia pulchra seedlings

The first glimpse of a new seedling, Frithia pulchra, tiny and green.

Frithia pulchra 1 day

This one has been three days exposed to light and sun:

Frithia seedling

And this one is  about six  weeks old now: the first leaf – a single leaf – growing.

Frithia pulchra seedling 4

Growing under the shadow of  Cymbalaria muralis.

Frithia a la sombraWith the right light, you can even make out the window on top of the fairy elephants toe.

Frithia seedling windowAnd quite hapily they keep on growing – and they obviously prefer shade.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrithia seedlingsFrithia growing happily amoung smiling Lithops lesliei and L. bromfieldii.
frithia seedlings 8