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out of focus

schwantesii 1

schwantesii 2 I’ve never been particularly taken by Lithops schwantesii. Until yesterday. What pretty little critters they are!  Though most photographs of Lithops schwantesii look rather dull and some even not in focus, this plant is one half of a rainbow.  Admittedly, you’ll have to take a close look and you won’t get a sharp shot at the first try, like you are used to when photographing other Lithops species. The pics will all look rather misty, unfocused. Until you scale up and see how this inconspicuous plant has fooled you and the camera as well. schwantesii 3

out of focus 4 Summer has been hot an dry for my newcomers, as I don’t want them to succumb after a first and early watering. So now, in mid september, my schwantesii looks a bit more wrinkled. schwantesii 5

out of focus As for december 2014, L. schwantesii looks pretty the same, turgent and healthy. There will be a last watering and then a three months drought. out of focus 7: schwantesii Only two weeks later, the fissure has opened to the wide and deep gap characteristic of L. schwantesii. The body measures now 32 x 21mm and the fissure reaches up to 14mm. There will be no more water until march – the hardest challenge for a gardener.

Lithops schwantesii 8
March 2015: two heads appear. The old leaves still present, turgent and apparently fine.

New Lithops in town

new II venteri 1new II 2Lithops lesliei venteri, C153. Two years old.

new II 3Lithops schwantesii. This gorgeous one came as free bonus Lithops.  Thank you so much.

new II mennellii 4new II menellii 5Lithops bromfieldii mennellii,  C044. Two years old.

new II salicola 6new II salicola 7Lithops salicola. This one is ‘Yellow border’. Three years old.

new II salicola 8‘Dendrites’ and ‘Brown’.

new II rubrications 9‘Red Rubrications’ and ‘Tiny Islands’.

new II salicola 10