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All In A Tumble

all in a tumble 2

Since a few years, one of our local DIY-superstores has a succulent plant section, with plants provided by a local wholesale grower. There are many good reasons NOT to buy living plants or animals in a hardware store and,  thanks to EU laws,  sad dogs,  cats and parrots and their cages have been banned to the specialized zoo-shops. That helps a bit, but ethics still are inappropriate when the living being we are dealing with are invertebrates, fish or plants, grown industrially by the millions for season window boxes and disposable use like a soft tissue. It’s easy to ignore wilted Geraniums while buying nails; for you can get them nearly the same prize at a florists nearby. Even some of the more attractive offers, like big and wellgrown Anthuriums can be refused even if you know, that you’ll have to pay a fiver more in the nursery.

all in a tumble 1

It makes a difference when plants are looked after at the place where they are sold. With a minimum of daylight, water, space and ventilation. And, supposedly, knowledge. But what do you do when you see Anacampseros, Dorstenia, truncate Haworthia, and the rest of the succulent family displayed in alveolar trays – one euro each! – ready to die on the bottom shelf?

all in a tumble 3

Obviously I did wrong. These plants I’d hardly ever seen at one of our five big nurseries, nor at the florists.  One employee of the wholesale grower,  who happened to be right there refilling the shelves just when I was still fighting against my better judgement,  confirmed they didn’t sell at retail. I made a compromise, left those I didn’t know how to care for and took only a few.

all in a tumble 4

Now, the only sensitive thing I can do is getting these plants to survive, to grow and to flower.

all in a tumble  5

And eventually,  get seeds, sow a few and give away the excess.

all in a tumble 6

all in a tumble 7

all in a tumble haw tess

All in a tumble 9

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New Lithops in town

new II venteri 1new II 2Lithops lesliei venteri, C153. Two years old.

new II 3Lithops schwantesii. This gorgeous one came as free bonus Lithops.  Thank you so much.

new II mennellii 4new II menellii 5Lithops bromfieldii mennellii,  C044. Two years old.

new II salicola 6new II salicola 7Lithops salicola. This one is ‘Yellow border’. Three years old.

new II salicola 8‘Dendrites’ and ‘Brown’.

new II rubrications 9‘Red Rubrications’ and ‘Tiny Islands’.

new II salicola 10


Lithops – New arrivals

 Todo preparado para los nuevos inquilinos – Alles vorbereitet für die Neuzugänge – Ready to move in!ready to moveThey look so extremely tiny when they arrive.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce in their new place they don’t look frail any more.Lithops mennelli This little beauty is Lithops bromfieldii var. mennellii C283. All three share a square black 13×13 plastic pot now, their new home. I hope they’ll like it. new home for three mennelliimennellii medianomenellii pequeñomennellii grandeNow the first challenge will be to refrain from watering. They live outside,  in the shade. By the way, these plants are two years old.


helmutii 1Take a close look! I proudly present six one year old Lithops helmutii C271.lithops helmutii plantadosI’ve already seen them in close-up. Beauties they are!Lithops helmutii recién plantado