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Be sure to wear some flowers in your Hair

Anancampseros 1Anacampseros, possibly Anacampseros filamentosa or namaquensis or some look-alike. And no need to go as far as San Francisco. Found this at our local hardware center.  Surprise!

Anacampseros 2Anacampseros 3As late as 17:34 the first bud shows a stunning colour.

anacampseros 4And at 18:15 the flower is open!

Anacampseros 5anacampseros 6anacampseros 719:42; already closing.

anacampseros 8Every other day there are one or two flowers opening late and flowering shortly for two hours or so, closing quickly and as tight as the bud was. Just sometimes a little part of one of the petals is tucked in between the two sepals – one of the defining characterisitcs of the portulacaceae family: two sepals and 5 petals – revealing that this ‘bud’ has already flowered.

Anacampseros 10None of them has dropped until now. So, with a bit of luck I’ll get a few seeds from this first flowering! But one thing for sure: if you really plan to wear some flowers in your hair, you’d better choose some more hard-wearing flower than Anacampseros!

Anacampseros ultima

If you’re going to San Francisco
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
if you’re going to San Francisco
you’re gonna meet some gentle people there
for those who come to San Francisco
summertime will be a love-in there
in the streets of San Francisco
gentle people with flowers in their hair