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Growing Friendship

three months later 1:Antimima argentea
Antimima argentea (Rooivlei) has already left the common playground, 106 days. Argyroderma congregatum
Argyroderma congregatum, Vredendal, preparing for the second pair of true leaves. 106 days old.three month later 3: oophytum
Oophytum nanum and Gibbaeum velutinum, both 102 days old.

three months later 4:Lithops coleorum
Lithops coleorum C396, Ellisras, near to their first moult. 109 days.

Fenestraria rhopalophylla ss. aurantiaca ‘Fireworth’; 104 days old.

three months later 6: Oophytum nanum
Oophytum nanum, Quaggaskop. The perfect egg-shape. 102 days.

three months later 7: Schwantesia
Schwantesia marlothii X ruedebuschii , 110 days old.

three months later 8:Aloinopsis malherbei
Aloinopsis malherbei, Calvinia. 110 days.

Three months later 9: Dicrocaulon
Dicrocaulon ramulosum, Riethuis. 104 days. And a little Schwantesia, just struggling to free the first pair of leaves.
three months later 10: Gibbaeum heathii
Gibbaeum heathii, 104 days old. Little fuzzy cuties.


Lithops’ companions

playmates: Antimima argentea
Antimima argentea (Rooivlei), first true leaves, 30 days.
playmates 2: Argyroderma congregatum
Argyroderma congregatum, Vredendal; 30 days.
companions oophytum 3
Oophytum nanum, Quaggaskop; 30 days.
I’m very happy about Lithops coleorum C396, Ellisras, germinating so eagerly.  Growing  this  plant  is  a  tribute  to  Naureen and Desmond Cole. 37 days old. Seeds from Mesa Garden.
playmates: fenestraria 5
Another one I’m eager to see grown up is Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca ‘Fireworth’. 38 days.
playmates: ophthalmophyllum dinteri 6
Ophthalmophyllum dinteri. Green, 43 days old eggs.
playmates 7 schwantesia
Schwantesia ruedebuschii ‘marlothii’, Aggeneys, which is supposed to have ‘stout red teeth’ does already show colour. 38 days.
playmates 8: Aloinopsis malherbei
Aloinopsis malherbei, Calvinia. Big, flat and dark. 56 days.
playmates 9: dicrocaulon
Dicrocaulon ramulosum, Riethuis. Already showing his water cells, growing along with Schwantesia. 46 days.
playmates 10: SPHAEROID
Closing the eleven, the first sphaeroid coming through is this Argyroderma congregatum, Vredendal. Smooth texture, milky sheen, linden coloured and a complete fissure, the first true leaves share one characteristic with the cotyledons: both sides are unequal. 50 days.