Lithops optica 'Rubra'

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Lithops are a little group of nearly 50  species and far more subspecies, distinct local formas and cultivars. They belong to the family
Aizoaceae  – the gorgeous carpetweed family – formerly grouped within Mesembryanthemaceae. They grow exlusively under south
african sun,  mainly in arid and subarid locations in Namibia,
Republic of South Africa and Botswana, from coastal regions to high mountain areas.
Most of them just present two fusioned leaves, flat and
roundish, with markings that make them invisible on the ground. In fact, many of them are only spotted when in flower. Flowers are mostly white or yellow,  or white and yellow.
As masters in disguise they spend their whole life as pebbles among stones, hence their nickname.


The place I always return to when I need specific information is what I consider one of the best pages out there in the Lithopsphere.
And, of course, for further infos not only limited to Lithops there is this colourful text
from Steven Hammer
The New Mastering The Art of Growing Mesembs
able to satisfy and create addiction,
but not longer as a free web-reading.
If you like books, buy his book! Lithops – Treasures of the Veld.
It’s worth the effort, if you can get your hands on one, for example at the
British Cactus and Succulent Society.

If you too think that an image is worth a thousand words, you can search  in situ shots at Lithops, Conophytum & Co. , a page with lots of information besides the photographs.
If you’d want to read some infos in german,
you’ll find them  selbstverständlich hier.
And, of course, in español, you too will get a good compiling.

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