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First Year

salicola II 1
Lithops salicola
.   August,  2014.  The big one  is 23 x 17 mm.  Just got their first watering.
Salicola 2
The same plants one month later. The big one is 25 x 18 mm.
first year salicola 3
After Three months, in november, after heavy rainfalls and the first colder nights. Still no buds to see, so I think this year there won’t be any flowers. The tiny seedlings are runaways from a nearby Anacampseros namaquensis.
first year 4 salicola
Colder nights and rain has done it, the first flower opened in mid december. That is late, but due to the unusual high night temperatures we had this autumn. The flower is quite big, so I’m expecting a wonderful blooming next year.