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Distinctive faces

Lithops otzeniana 1
Only four Lithops otzeniana have sprouted so far. After changing from cotyledon to the first true pair of leaves, which they did like most other Lithops in their third and fourth month of living, they look like otzeniana does, greenish, with a dark glassy window and very clearly marked islands and peninsulas. You can easily tell them apart, for each one has quite different markings.
Lithops otzeniana 2
Three of them kept their cotyledons turgent and active even after the hatch. This one still has it – for nearly nine weeks now.
otzeniana 3
Keeping company with L. hookeri. They are clearly distinctive in colour and patterns. This mask is near to perfection:
L. otzeniana mask 3
Three weeks later, I’m sure they’ve grown. Obviously I’m biased.
otzeniana 5

otzeniana distinctive fces 6
Among their fellows, Lithops hookeri brunneoviolacea. This photograph was taken mid september; Lithops otzeniana doesn’t look green any more.
distinctive faces 7
One year old now, their first birthday shows already wrinkles and aging – time for lessening water and preparing the next pair of leaves.