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Lithops dorotheae

Lithops dorotheae C300 17 days oldLittle tiny weeds they are! Sown last day of december 2013, the first Lithops dorotheae C300 germinated  two weeks later finding their way between big boulders of volcanic gravel. Still so green and delicate.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne month old, there is some colour now.

Lithops dorotheae 91 daysThree month old, barrel shaped, purple-grey cotyledons.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANearly four months, the first hatchling has appeared. Nice markings.

dorotheae 6Six months now, most hatchlings still keep their sun protection. Many have succumbed to  summer dryness, from some twentyandsomething there still are living fourteen.  At this stage they look very alike to seedlings of L. dinteri,  so it is a good advice to keep them apart when sowing.