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Yes, we are still there!

conophytum violaciflorum 1
Sown in february 2014, I  didn’t expect there were any living plants remaining in none of the pots I’d sown. Imagine my surprise when I saw these little bodies. And, oh dear, how tiny they are – you can even tell every cell of it!
Conophytum violaciflorum 2

yes we are: violaciflorum 3
Now that I’m aware of these little dumplings I intendedly left them sitting in the rain, over night they grew round and turgent.
still there: pink pepperkorn 4
Even with plenty of water, this Conophytum does not reach the dimensions of a pink peppercorn.
still there: violaciflorum 5
A few weeks later. I found a tiny moss near the stairs, added a bit of fine gravel, for the roots where far to exposed, and gave regular mistings when there was no rain. Both bodies have grown and left their old shells behind. Wintertime I learned, is conophytumtime.