One year in the life

Lithops helmutii june 14
Lithops helmutii
, C271, june 2014.

helmutii 2
Lithops helmutii
, C271, july 2014.

helmutii year 3
Lithops helmutii
, C271, august 2014

helmutii 4
Lithops helmutii
, C271, september 2014, at their new location, at full sun and full rain if there is rain. Up to now, L. helmutii has been the fastest growing of all. The one on the top right measures 22 x 13 x 24mm high.

on year in the life of helmutii
Lithops helmutii
,  C271,  october 2014,  first loss.  The shadow of a nearby Ruellia is not enough, temperatures still high and first showers did not add to my abilities.

first years helmutii 6
In november, after heavy rainfall, the gaps of every helmutii widens again, and the little bodies gain full turgor.  Once established,  they  seem  to  manage the unusual rain quite well.
Lithops helmutii enero 2015
January 2015; L. helmutii are shrivelling and preparing for their moult.

helmutii 8: moult

Not looking so happy now, april 2015, the new pair of leaves not yet ready and the old pair not gone, Lithops hemutii as most Lithops have a hard time when changing leaves.


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