growing rubies

verruculosa 1
Lithops verruculosa inae
C129 is an inconspicuous littel grey seedling. Things change whith the first pair of true leaves. Even through the ‘eye’ of the cotyledons you can spot the little red gems mounted on the Lithops.
After sowing, L. verruculosa germinated well, cotyledons and young plants always fragile in comparison to other Lithops seedlings.
verru dead head 2
The first summer was hard. A sudden death episode which affected a few species, as well as most of the nice little rubies. They don’t like to much water, nor watering in hot spells at all. I hope I recall next summer: more shadow for these!
rubies 4
Two of the happy survivors just at their birthday. One year old they prepare for a benign drought – the community compot gets more waterings and mistings than individual adult Lithops – and hopefully a new pair of leaves in springtime next year. The rubies have faded somewhat.


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